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Day15 Challenge Made me smile today, last week, last month, yesterday, and hoping for tomorrow because our conversations are always the best and he makes my days even better and I hope I do the same for him<3 he's my cherry on top :') MILSO
I miss you babayyy MILSO Camo Shirt Rockon
reppin pur boys today. USMC MILSO Marinegirlfriend
Jorge and I went to Buildabear :) We named our bunny Jason♥ after Jason L. Dunham Marines MILSO Supportourtroops Camo Dogtags
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Last picture together before she leaves for basic. Going to miss you tremendously. I love you. Airforce USAF Wife Bittersweet MILSO
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I love my husband so much! Our anniversary is on Saturday & it'll be 7 wonderful years together & 4 years of marriage with my mister! Even through all the deployments & heartaches, we're still keeping it strong! Happy Love Happily Married MILSO