"There may be a great fire in our hearts, yet no one ever comes to warm himself at it, and the passers-by see only a wisp of smoke" - Vincent Van Gogh. Nojudgement Cigarette  Traffic LagosTraffic
Its a Tuesday.. I'm extremely tired from getting 1 hour of sleep so ... Selfie Fuckit Nojudgement
Gay Gayboy Gaymen NoJudge Nojudgement Love ♥ Love we are in love because Holland is different other Country Sky Cloud - Sky Travel Destinations Cityscape Architecture
I love spending Sunday's sleeping in with my baby girl, Sofie... Bestpals Princess Bestie  Whitegirl  Nojudgement Paws Furbaby cue in soothing music: we've only just begun Photo by @macchadiary
"Live in your own life and shut down the need to live someone else's version of your life." Lesbrown Inspiration Wordstoliveby Nojudgement sorrynotsorry itsmylife itsnowornever doingitmyway livewell laughoften lovemuch
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Do not judge or you too will be judged Nojudgement Positivethinking
There is no right and wrong in life just choices and decisions. We enter dark tunnels and become blind at times but always trust your judgement. Life becomes what you make it, embrace all your choices with no regret only then will you see the clear path to the end of that dark Tunnel. Being blind is a state of mine not of sight. Enjoy your life, don't worry about what others think, they look at you like you are lost but you know exactly what you are doing. Living your life. Nycalive Herostunnel Justmythoughts  Wordsbyme Bigjoe53 Liveauthentic Livelife Youcontrolyourlife Embrace Lovelife Imnotapoet Clearthinking Nojudgement Oneofone Moments Blackandwhite Mypic Samsung Mrandrewfitzy @mrandrewfitzy
Can anyone honestly define normal l? Text Happiness Advocate Information Sign Communication Fortune Cookie Simple Things In Life Words Of Wisdom... Quotes Quoteoftheday Child Rethink No Judgement Wisdom Nojudgement Inspired Inspirational Inspiring Insperation!
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