It's like riding a motorcycle, momma. Thelilian
moo. Thelilian
Thelilian Mydaughterthephotobomber Shebombedothersallday
Thelilian from Below The Surface
when Pain sets in, she's my Medicine. Thisangel Thelilian #love
She learns by studying me. (: Photo credit: Thelilian
daw. cow love. Thelilian
Thelilian and I ready to swim and have some fun together. (:
horse riding in buffalo bill state park, wyoming. Thelilian 's first time by herself on a horse. Whoa
hello Yellowstone! Sylvanpass Yellowstone Thelilian
Thelilian and I have some company for dinner. Doubledate Notasgoodasdoubledare
the artist's paint pot. Thelilian 's favorite feature of Yellowstone .
The wind down. Definitely a good day. And a robot added to the family. A purple robot. Heaven Thelilian Kdcat Recklesshappiness
Gadget fiend. Thelilian
Sky Reflection Thelilian Japanesegardens zilker
Still as happy. Thelilian
Thelilian requested a time out in a newly preferred place.
Elmo buckled in and riding shotgun with Thelilian .
Thelilian led the way up the mountain. Shessoamazing Didntcomplainonce
Not even an hour old. Birthdaylove Thelilian
Second halloween and visit with my momma. Thelilian
we rarely go anywhere without Spinosaurus these days. Thelilian
Thelilian happy with just finding a pinecone. [:
Nothing like a little bit of double chocolate cake to lift a girl's spirits. Think the cake was better on her face than in her tummy. Thelilian
Gumballattack every kids' dream. That and to watch films from the awesome experience on playground equipment with new friends. Thelilian
Thelilian feeding Miss Willlow a Snickysnack . Horsehugs Nonisfarm
Thelilian writing a thank you card to a student for a bunch of Pokemon cards.
Thelilian made a new friend! She doesn't want to leave!
Thelilian watching shuffleboard. (:
Chillinandswimmin Thelilian
Thelilian claims that dolphin is the best she has ever drawn. she might be right. Artbylilian Sea Creatures
Nail polish is not the best moisturizer. [: Thelilian
Thelilian made a new friend this morning.
heartsacula by Thelilian ! Artbylilian
saddling up! Thelilian
Thelilian from Above The Surface
somebody is generous with hugs this morning. Kdcat Thelilian
kiss me hard before you go. - lana del ray Ha Thelilian
Baking for Christmas! proof Thelilian
hasn't stopped yet. somebody will be a tired monkey tonight. splash pad, train journey, and a birthday party. she'll be worn out. Thelilian (:
Really?  Thelilian
Thelilian sitting on a Calcitecrystal
Going to see Hook tonight at Amysicecream with Thelilian . Stoked !
Thank you, Crayola. Thelilian loves these. Makes brushing so much more fun. Genius.
My students definitely know the way to my heart! This is such a genuine and generous birthday message. So blessed by ya'll. Can't help sharing the love and how thoughtful you are. Birthdaylove Thelilian
somebody was amazed.... Thelilian
Enjoying my afternoon date with Thelilian
Aw. Thelilian and Kd Cat.
Sparklers Fireworks Thelilian
Thelilian watching rio in the theater at her new school. (:
Thelilian has new reads. (:
The messier this little girl is when she plays, the more I tend to love her. [: Alltimefavoritephoto Birthdaylove Thelilian
Thelilian and her Bubbles
Thelilian blowing bubbles with italian ice. (:
TBT  Thisangel Thelilian