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Matsyasana The simple fish pose and the bound Fish in Lotus Are some of my favourite Yoga Asana They have amazing benefits :- 1. They help correct upper spinal dysfunction 2. They improve breathing function by stretching and sttengtheneing the Diaphragm and Thorax cavity and thus lungs 3. Spiritually for me the main effects are Anahata and Agya sensitization. 4. They are Counterposes to the effects of Halasana and Sarvangasana Happy Yoga Love , Ishwara Bermuda Islandlife
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E. Ludwig Meritar 50mm F2.9 '50s Lens Made In Germany Pentagon Diaphragm Enjoying Photography Taking Photos Old-fashioned Old Lens オールドレンズ 五角形 eBayでレンズ物色してたら五角形絞りのこれを見つけてついつい衝動買いしてしまった物です😅
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Chestnuts decorating our paths... Chestnut Chestnuts Chestnut Shell Pointy Autumn Colors Decorate Decorating Decorative Tasty LetsEat Naturephotography Woods Forest Walk EyeEm Gallery Diaphragm 2.8 F LateAfternoonLight Path In Nature Paths EyeEm Best Shots - Nature Eyeemphoto AutumnLeaves🍁🍂🍁 Serenity In Nature
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Test at f/32 -2 diaph Brick Wall Diaphragm F/32 Nature No People Perspective Sky Surface Level Test Tower Tranquility Weathered
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I accidentally dropped the dolly...the innards have sprawled all around the floor...a forced Anatomy lesson if i ever saw one... Having a hard time making the Diaphragm fit :(
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Simple planks are great exercuse for developing control and strength in the diaphragm and intercostals as well as the Core group of muscles. This developement and strengthening If the mechanism If breathing is i valuable for slow, steady and equalised breathing in All the unversions. Ishwara Core Breathing Intercostals Diaphragm Control Pranayama Asana Yoga
Praga e i suoi colori nella mia reflex. Praga Nofilter Reflex Landscape Picofthenight Picoftheyear Photography Canvas Diaphragm Colors
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