Hellcitytattoo Hellcity2014 Hell_city Hellcity
I will be doing prints of both of these for hell city in ohio 2014 Hellcitytattoo Hellcity2014 @trekell_art_supplies and will be selling the originals once sealed and framed.
Hellcitytattoo Hellcity2014 Hell_city Hellcity
Attending hell city in ohio 2014 Hellcity2014 !! Get a hold of me if you are wanting to get tattooed. VERY LIMITED SPACE STILL OPEN! Will have a bunch of things to show in my booth with Samuel flores!
Who wants to hangout tonight @ Hellcitytattoo Hellcity2014 Hell_city Hellcity
Hellcitytattoo Hellcity2014 Hell_city Hellcity
Might have Saturday of Hellcity2014 Hell_city Hellcity Hellcitytattoo killumbus killumbusohio tattoo convention the 12th wide open as of now. Please get a hold of me for details on booking an appointment with me. tattooed texas tattooedwomen travel tattooartist truegrips tattooedguys tattoo truetubes tattooedmen guysthatlooklikechicks guyswithphones girlswithtattoos guyswithtattoos scenequeen secondskintc @secondskintc dudelookslikealady nedzrotary fusion_ink eternalink fkirons spektra direkt spektrdirekt
I am bringing 20 of each of these sketchbooks, maybe a few more if I can get them finished in time to Hellcity2014 Hellcity in Columbus Killumbus so hit me up if you are wanting one or both! The large one comes with a print as well!
Alla booked up for Hellcity2014 in Killumbus Killumbusohio Columbus show. See you guys soon! @crewstattoos