first day of summer cheer practice <3 ^-^ Gotoros Torrescheer
forced to wear make up today. -.- at least we got that WIN! Gotoros ! Playoffs GotthatW
Readyfortoday Cheer Gotoros ! <3 ^-^ c;
we won the first game you guys, how awesome is that?! ;D lol jk we lost 7 - 42(x Gotoros ! ;D
Only picture I got before they told me not to take pictures of the screen :( sorry whoever got blocked because of the flash! Gotoros ! ♡
Got that WIN! good shit toros! Football Toros Gotoros Torres cheer <3
here's another selfie. Makeup Braceface  Cheer Gotoros ! <3
off to cheer our hearts out with my fave cheerleader♡ Gotoros !
Gotoros ! <3 ^-^
Cuties Cheerleaders  @cierramisst @ruthlesspandah ^-^ Gotoros ! <3 ;D
Representin  ' Torrescheer Gotoros ! <3 ^-^ c;
Halftime Fuckviewpark ! -.-t wasn't a good game but our boys did good out there Gotoros ! <3
Fridaynightlights Halftime (: Football Gotoros !
54-6 ! Gotoros ;D Torres Vs Firebaugh thatsright! murdered!