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-4kg lighter bodyweight and record by 2 extra reps!! Training and diet at its best!!! It's all light weight to me!! Beastmode Staystronglivelong Fklife Deadlift lightweight yeahbuddy training workout back hell diet weight shredded lean heavy healthy strong tired picoftheday
FUCK PLATEUS!!! 2 days ago was bench PR and today was rep-pr, 4x187.5kg! FAILURE FUELS DRIVE! Failure is meant to motivate and not demotivate. NW rustar upp med eleiko stång. :) Feelinggood Constantprogress Strong Fklife progress bodybuilding powerlifting eleiko nordicwellness almedal training gym workout deadlift fitness
GRADUATIONDAY! FUCK LIFE! XDXDXD →★♥★← →→→Bachelor of Science Thisisgu Graduation Broscience Fklife thuglife asian sweden gothenburg examen hallelujah happy goodgame IHAVEJUSTSTARTED