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"Hallelujah! Well I'm saved! Just a dozen steps and 28 days! It's a miracle! I'll be born again! With the lord as my Shepard I will find a way!" Fuck your faith. - Bmth Sempiternal Oliversykes Olobersykes crookedyoung lyrics bringmethehorizon fuckyourfaith olisykes thereisnogod nohope - There's no hope for us.
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Happy Birthday to my hero, Oliver Scott Sykes. ♡ Olobersykes Bmth Oliverscottsykes
Bring Me The Horizon Olobersykes BMTH <3 Don't Go
Dear Olie im so so sorry not coming your show tonight. Loveyou ♥ Rock4way Bmth Oliversykes Olobersykes core sleepwalking dropdead
Olober, why you so gorgeous? - Olobersykes Olisykes Gorgeous Amazing beautiful oliversykes handsome bmth blackandwhite tattoo bringmethehorizon radical
Oliver is my hero. It really blows that I can't see him tomorrow in Dallas. Love you Oli. ♡ Bandhero2013 NotAllHerosWearCapes Olobersykes Myhero dedication inspiration olisykes bmth dropdead Happy August 1st! c:
oliver? O.o BMTH <3 Olobersykes Love ♥ Bring Me The Horizon