Collected Community of Men putting out the hundreds of Prayerrugs (aka Sajadah) in the Shahmosque , Naghshe Jahan Square, Isfahan,IRAN. Nofilter Eyeemtravel  OpenEdit
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In a few days all the moslem will entering the greatest month, Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan ..., to all my moslem brother and sister all around the world I wish that we are all have a chance to live in this Holy Month, Insya Allah, be a better human for our self and for the universe, Amiin,,, prepare n be ready, Marhaban Yaa Ramadan 😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏 ... Taking Photo Just Photography Rosary Quran Sajadah Fez Moslem Religion Monochrome EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White Close Up Selective Focus Black And White Black And White Photography EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Masterclass From My Point Of View The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Learning Photography Mobile Photography Htc One M8 Htcm8 Religious
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