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Just got done performing with some of the members of @academyofhype. Was one good vibe kind of night!!! Dance Aoh Academyofhype Winnerzzonewaiakamilo family truestory
TV dinner for dinner tonight... The price of saving money for bigger and better things :). Aoh Hhi Dancerlife
Today's the day to come out and audition for @academyofhype... No dance experience required, just come out. You will never know what your future has in store if you don't TRY... See you there. Info on flier. Dance Dancerslife Aoh Academyofhype family 2014 hype hypeaudiitons2014 newbeginnings itsnottoolatetostart
Spent the entire morning with these crazy A$$ people... although we may fight and argue we still manage to have fun and love each other... missing a few members... Videoshoot Aoh Academyofhype Dancer
It's up. Please LIKE, SUPPORT, LOVE and SHARE this video... good job @jeekalua for a dope video... visit to view the video... ♡♡♡ Itsabunnyhoney Dancer Aoh Academyofhype waacking wediditfirst originals sorrynotsorry beyonce grownwomen easter hawaii
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My fortune today from lunch... its a sign.... hell yea!!!! Lets get it HYPE!!!! Aoh HHI2013 Hype Bandits RASCALS HAWAII TEAMUSA
Food stop for Brunch Innoutburger Vegas  Hhi Aoh
Me and @kawehikinns_ at rehearsals since 10am this morning and still going at it... Dancelife Aoh Academyofhype Undefined
Off to rehearsals I go... 10am till whenever... life of a dancer... Dancelife Hype Jazz Aoh undefined
Thinking about going back into school to become an EMT... still in the air but leading towards a yes... Backtoschool Emt Dancer Aoh future
Just finished painting my piggy bank. Time to start saving for big things happening this year. Aoh Saving Dancerlife Hype hhi wod concert Vegas trips
Some of @academyofhype members at my nephew's first bday party... Thanks to everyone who made this performance memorable for me and my family... Dancelife Family Hype Aoh kalihi keehilagoon kenzaiahjdwyn firstbday josephjessicaashley
@acpascual and @stayfreshandfly Hhi Aoh
@sae_thebeast and I, totally not ready for this pic Hhi Aoh
Gym buddies @willardsoares @jeekalua @thegreatmousedetective @kawehikinns_ @shashalyssaa missing @lilytapusoa @aleeyers.... GymLife GetFit 2014 Aoh academyofhype 24pearlcity ballerslifekinda dance dancerslife iwannabeskinny
Posted at @academyofhype rehearsals. Concert mode, HELL WEEK!!!! HS4Lundefined Dancelife Dance Aoh academyofhype