Bacalaito from the PuertoRican strip. If you live in the Bronx and haven't been here yet, you are missing out! Next to SouthBronxHighSchool behind third avenue shopping strip. Food Fhmmg Streetphotography Taking Pictures Eeeeeats Puertoricanfood Streetfood Thefoodie2015EyeemAwards
Mmmmm my moms pastelon Puertoricanfood
Street Food Worldwide Puertoricanfood
Puertorican Chicken soup with corn on the cob, red potatoes, Puertorican spices(sofrito), rice, topped with onion, cilantro & lime. Even better the second day. Wachacookingame Puertoricansoup Puertoricansoulfood Puertoricanfood
Garlic for the sofrito BellView Vegetables Spicy Cooking Spice Puertoricanfood Cuisinart Fresh Cooking Spicy Spice Puertoricanfood Pampered Chef Food And Drink Indoors  Food Freshness Still Life Household Equipment Preparing Food Kitchen Utensil Healthy Eating Preparation
Prepping to make sofrito Sofrito Spice Spicy Cuisine Vegetables Cooks Cooking Fresh Puertoricanfood Puertorican Sofrito Homemade Homecooking Cuisinart BellView Photographer Photography Spanish Food Vegetable Food Food And Drink Healthy Eating Indoors  Table Cutting Board Spice Preparation  Freshness Wellbeing Kitchen First Eyeem Photo