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Our pups! KANE AND Piper. Canecorso  ItalianMastiff Ilovemydogs Ilovemycorso Boxer BoxerMix Piper Puppy Love Loveyourpets 4yearold #9monthsold
The new addition Miley ItalianMastiff Happypup Dogsarefamily Canecorso
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11 months yesterday! Cane Corso Hello World ItalianMastiff
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Cane Corso Canecorso  Canecorsoitaliano Dog ItalianMastiff Color Portrait BlackDog
He pulls that puppy face every Damn time I tell him no... This is right after I cought him eating and licking my only toothbrush.. stores closed... Cane Corso ItalianMastiff Helo World Dog Love
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My fur baby, my best friend. Canecorso  ItalianMastiff Pets Dog First Eyeem Photo