"Breakfast @ PAUL ~ petit déjeuner, part un. Patissiere 'basket' (croissant, briochette, escargot raisin, pain au chocolate) avec cappuccino et le jus (jus d'orange, carotte et gingembre). Aroii Cuisine_captures Dailylicious Foodphotography Foodie Foodstamping Breakfast Foodstagram Foodspotting Foodgram Foodpornasia Foodpics Foodartstylesgf Foodsharing Gf_daily Gastropost Ketsourinemacarons Thefatkidinside Igfood Ilove_bfp Ilovesharingfood Igsgfoodies Yum Nomnomnom Jj_food walkwaywhy
Early dinner Foodstamping Cantonese Yeemee
Lamb burger with ring onion and hotdog Abangburn Dinner HappyTummy Foodstamping instafood
Hot plate beef. Sedap sehingga menjilat jari :D Moran Korean Foodstamping Foodporn @sallyzakamat @xxnad23xx
Selamat berbuka puasa :) Doughnuts Foodstamping Instafood Bigapple
Sengaja suruh orang lain mengidam Lunch Foodstamping Foodporn IKEA meatball love
"Spicy Noodle" - literally, it is as the name said. Really spicy, non-oily, superbly flavorful n fragrant that gets ur attention a few tables away, affordable, has 'wok-hei' {( also known as 'wok chi[qi] in western cookbook). As defined by wiki - is the flavor, tastes & essence imparted by a hot wok on food during stir frying. (Wok thermal radiation). Particularly important for Chinese dishes requiring high heat for fragrance....}. Aroii Cuisine_captures Dailylicious Foodphotography Foodstamping Foodstagram Foodspotting Foodgram Foodsharing Foodartstylesgf Foodpics Foodporn Foodpornasia Glutto Pic_of_food Singapore InstaYummy Instafood Igfood Ilove_bfp Ilovesharingfood Igsgfoodies Icapturefood Jj_food Nomnomnom sgfood sharefood worldfoodsth yum yummy
Murtabak daging for breakfast. Inikah namanya diet? -..- Murtabak Foodstamping Foodporn Breakfast love
Satay yang debab debab Dinner Satay Foodstamping Foodporn instafood happytummy
Can this considered as kudap kudapan? HappyTummy Foodstamping Foodporn Kueyteow
Show Us Your Takeaway! Beancurd Beancurdpudding Asiandelight Asiandessert Asiandelights Tofu Pudding Tofu Takeaway Delicious Dessert Porn Chinesedessert Traditionaldessert Foodpornasia Foodporn Foodie Foodiegram Foodphotography Foodpics Foodphoto Foodportrait Foodspotting Foodstagram Foodstall Foodstamping The Week On EyeEm Summer Road Tripping
Just because i'm craving for it IKEA Foodstamping
Eat Breakfast Dimsum Hungry Foodstamping Food Instafood Instadaily Morning Webstagram
Tahu gejrot Super Pedes Spicy Hot Chilli Eat Eatdonesia Lunch Snack Hungry Sweating Igers Food Foodstamping Foodstagram Foodporn IGDaily Igaddict Instagramers Instagramhub Instalove Like Instaphoto Followmefollowback Instafood love photooftheday
Fradoo ABC uolss ABC Fradoo Foodstamping Instafood
Popiah basah yg diidam-idamkan. I iz happy :O Popiah Pasarmalamsekyen6 Foodstamping
Hujan lebat sejuk sejuk, makan pulak makanan berkuah. Heaven. Omnomnom Dinner Foodstamping Foodporn Instafood
Chicken butter Dinner Foodstamping Instafood
Shocking sudden craving. Teokbokki at dubu.dubu Dinner Teokbokki Foodstamping Foodporn happytummy
Banana & caramel Lovers this is for U ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭. Quite straightforward, it is named "Banana Caramel Brioche" or maybe "Caramel Banana Brioche"... Either way, it isn't cloyingly sweet & very well-balanced in flavors. Yum! Yum! Body shaking, feet a-tapping, hands baby-clapping! Cuisine_captures Dailylicious Foodphotography Foodstamping Foodsharing Foodartstylesgf Foodpics Foodstagram Foodporn Foodpornasia Foodspotting Foodgram Glutto InstaYummy Instafood Igfood Ilovesharingfood Igsgfoodies Icapturefood Ilove_bfp Jj_food Ketsourinemacarons Nomnomnom Pic_of_food Sharefood sgfood worldfoodsth walkwaywhy yummy breadsociety
"A Balm to the Aching Heart..." To us, this Caramel Banana Waffle with Vanilla ice cream was "Ferpect!" (no typo error here. Anyone knows which unique cartoon character says this? " ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭. Sweetness of the caramel... Freshness of the banana... Smoothness of the vanilla ice cream... Thickness & texture of the warm waffle was just Ferpect! Ain't cloyingly sweet at all. Super love! "A cooling touch to the raging fire within..." Refreshing dessert of lychee, grass jelly, coco de nata, basil seeds on chunky ice cubes n lychee syrup base ... ^^b. Aroii Cuisine_captures Dailylicious Foodphotography Foodstamping Foodstagram Foodspotting Foodgram Foodsharing Foodpornasia Foodpics Foodartstylesgf Gastropost Glutto Pic_of_food Singapore Ketsourinemacarons InstaYummy InstaDessert Ilove_bfp Ilovesharingfood Igfood Jj_food Nomnomnom Sgfood sharefood worldfoodsth walkwaywhy yummy yum
Happy luncheon Foodstamping Instafood Love
Dinner with sista Foodstamping Instafood Love
"Mango Snow Ice with coco de nata"Super awesome & pretty sunstantial too. Their Chendol Snow Ice is another Must-Try. Coming from a non-chendol lover means it is really good! No pic cos mouth faster than hand... Aroii Cuisine_captures Dailylicious Foodphotography Foodstamping Foodsharing Foodartstylesgf Food_magazine Foodpics Foodstagram Foodporn Foodpornasia Foodspotting Foodgram Glutto InstaYummy Igfood Ilovesharingfood Igsgfoodies Icapturefood Ilove_bfp Instafood Jj_food Ketsourinemacarons Nomnomnom sharefood worldfoodsth yummy gastropost instadessert
Iftar w love yaww ♥ Foodstamping Instafood Iftar HappyTummy
Sweet tooth Dessert Foodstamping Instafood Love
Panas terik macam sekarang ni memang uummphh la kalau dapat Foodstamping Foodporn
Dinner ala pasar malam Dinner Murtabak BihunGoreng Foodstamping foodporn instafood
Happy tummy Station21 Foodstamping
Bed breakfast served by zizan. Meowwww korang hado roommate buatkan breakfast pepagi? Hehe. Thank ain roti kau berjasa :D Breakfast Hotchocolate RotiSardin Foodstamping
Buah di Pasar Lembang Buah Fruits Market Pasar Lembang Bandung INDONESIA Colors Igers Instamood Instagramers Instagramhub Instalove Like Instaphoto Followmefollowback Instafood Love Photooftheday Igaddict IGDaily Igers Food Foodstamping Eatdonesia instagramers instagramhub instadaily picoftheday webstagram
Hot Spicy Eat Chilli Sauce Food Foodstagram Foodporn Instafood Instagood Instagram Igers Like Delicious Instagramhub Instagramers Webstagram Hungry Makanan Bandung INDONESIA Eatdonesia Foodstagram Foodstamping