freedom .the words is written in my mother language .freedom is the little magic word .sound great in the ear as sweet in the soul of every human .I love to give it as a little contribution to every free born human .be free . Enjoying Life I Am Free Like ..... My Edition . Freedom Of Expression
one more wonder of nature .they can flay high and low .without making any noise .fast and flex .there eyes are so safesticate as well many times stronger than the human one .you could not feel how fast .strong as well wonderful are they . Birds In Flight Bird Photography Bird View Look After Our Planet
one of the natural wonders .look it close .you will see that it is so small and great in the same time .a spider making the web .from a very tiny lines fabrics from the protein . Check This Outstronger than the steel .lighter the human hair and more .it is one of the natural wonders . Natural Wonders No Edit No Filter Look After Our Planet
the streets all always busy .many human souls walking of the roads.full of stories daily once .the voices are laud and not clear .all the sounds are mixed with many things .memories .thought .feelings .through the little space around .making the empty places alive .making the silence disappear for a while .warm and active before the dark will come again and clam his place with his quietness and the motionless time again .it us a daily ritual as long as the humanity one this planet .still the clock moving as always .0 ...1...2...3..... People Walking  Street Life Hi! Hello World
the sun gave the plants there reflections .the colors that we see are not the real truly colors that our eyes need to collect and deliver to our brains .these are the colors if reflection of the sun lights which are deceiving our thoughts and let us believe what we see us always the real things .but it is not .and that the live that we live could have the same patron as this one ..tricky thinks .. Check This Out Abstract Art 🌷 Flowers 🌹 Life
today is our. football team will prove him self in the semi final much against Argentine in the world cup .where we for the 11times had meat .and if we will win then we will see the German team which had kicked the Samba team yesterday .in the final .I hope that our team will cross this much and we will see a beautiful friendly much today enjoy .. FIFA World Cup Brasil Hanging Out Cheese! Hi!
lines .colors .sides .lights .mix and separate .together or alone .moving place covering the other side making the place much different more lovely and such a great art part of the multicolor new face.creating an new life much special for the old gray or colorless lifeless place . Art Yourself Abstract Art Edition My Art Works
the face of death is a part of our daily life .we are for a while fare away from it but never fare .to lose it .may people in my father land are living with it every day .the death and birth of the new one are so close that they never see the distance between them .and now I feel how strong was and is my people which are fight to live .free .with dignity as well in piece .good bless them .my people in IRAQ . Iraq Life History Freedom Of Expression
there is one thing makes us every where as one .there is one language that well understand .there is one way makes us much human and less barbaric in this life the melody .the music the creation of our feelings the good as well the sad once .translated in notes and sounds coming from our deep out to the whole world to reduce our differences to zero .make us understand our life perpouc love and understand our humanity . Check This Out Melody Enjoying Life Cheese!
it is the beauty which was given to the human .the beauty which was and still created by the nature .it is goddess form .full of wonders .full of sweetness .beauty and softness .natural .and it still special as well great form which we ever had got as a gift to dream about each and every in our ways.the human ... Hi! Hello World Enjoying Life Dreams And Dreams
it is night here .and you may have the light there .I need to rest and say goodbye you will wake up and say Hallo .we live in different places but we have the same faces .just different phases .I wish you a lovely day a beautiful start of the light and you say goodnight and sleep tide .love you as you me too .till next time friends .with love to you all . Enjoying Life Hi! That's Me My Edition .
up in the sky no matter what is there .flying around bringing the luck to any .I am the happy who wish you the the pretty things and many richness to your life and home .the baby and the maybe ..I am the flying luck and you maybe the lucky .. Check This Out Dreams And Dreams My Edition . Birds In Flight
beautiful you are .as the nature as the sky .the sun and the stars .natural your skin as the lives and the flower skin .soft your heart as the baby and the water .shiny you are my love my heart .my long be blessed .I love you because you are my mother and father .as always you will stay in may heart deep always in my heart . Hi! Hello World Iraq Check This Out
I m little .few weeks old.was born as a new soul cam to live this live that I was given as part of great .huge divers spices living on this little planet .I am little too .with my eyes I saw the light .my nose let me smell new things .there are so many sound which I needed to remember in my little head to recognize the things through my life journey .I am still little and I had just started my life . Animal Face Cats Of EyeEm Hi! Look After Our Planet