This is Asobire, a widowed mother who makes baskets and participated in our Textileart project. This is one of the first pieces sold during the exhibition to a designer who lives in Sydney. We'll slowly introduce more about the work in coming weeks and the people behind it. Thank you to r everyone who liked our work over the weekend for IWD2014 and instagram's Whpwomenwhoinspire . Such an extraordinary weekend of women online across the social media spectrum. Instagram is by far the center of creativity. Thanks beautiful women ans men ♥♡♥☆★☆
These are artisans making art work during our workshop in 2013. Atoore is the one bending over. That piece is no.7 on our site, the first piece that showed her signature style. These women have become much stronger as a community as a result of working on groups like this for the first time in their lives. They're wonderful. We love them and are proud to know them on IWD2014 Whpwomenwhoinspire Africa Fairtrade