If you're coming to the markets tomorrow at Bare Island, this is us. We'll be in the fort with Textileart and Bolgabaskets . We'll tweet the day from @Gaylepescud and instagram from here too. Hashtag BareIsland
The original straw Bolgabaskets unique to Bolgatanga Ghana . Thousands of these are made all over this small area every week and exported globally. Our (Glish ) recycled baskets and textileart shown in my feed are from these communities but we figured out how to make them recycled and develop the designs further. However, as part of a funded project we researched prices paid to weavers of straw baskets like these as we know they're paid poorly in the local market send wanted to fully understand the situation. We interviewed 120+ weaver's in 6 communities spread over about 40 kms to know what they're paidand whom, and what they know about prices internationally and even locally. We also interviewed intl buyers and retailers of these baskets to learn what they knew about what the weaver is paid. Unsurprisingly there is a gap between the local weaver and foreign retailer. It's the middleman trader who is playing both sides against each other, for the most part. Anyway, we'll be publishing the results of this work inthe next 4 weeks. If you know sellers of bolgabaskets anywhere, please kettle them know. Our main objective is to get above minimum wage prices paid directly to basket weavers of straw baskets. For the vast majority, this is currently not the case. While we make a significant economic impact with our recycled baskets, it's not enough for us knowing what happens to the straw producers and that we could do something about it. So this research and theadvocacy to follow over coming months hopefully will. Let me know if you have any Qs. Thank you ♡♡♡
Another group of women we met in a village to talk about prices and the straw baskets market. This is the dry hot season. Baobabs are wonderful trees. My African Ents . Wonderful women again making straw baskets. Bolgabaskets Glish Africa Ghana Bolga
G-lish Recycled Bolgabaskets in Corner D'or at 26 Belinda St, Gerringong. Ghana Africa bags homewares
My first visit up north to Bolga in 08. That's @godwinyidana in the family compound where he grew up with aunties, cousin and nephew. They made Bolgabaskets but now work on art and baskets with us as we pay fair trade or fairer than fair trade prices for the work. Textileart Bolgabaskets Ghana GLF interiors
In a village interviewing straw basket weavers on prices. This is how most villages look in the Upper East Region where Bolgabaskets come from: women and children making straw baskets under trees everywhere. It was HOT and shade is the local aircon.
This is Dude, our kitten in Ghana. I think he thought baskets were his ever changing play ground. When he was tiny he used to sleep curled around one of those handles without falling off. We ended up making him his own huge flat basket which he slept in when not playing chasings with the dog, sheep, goats and guinea fowls. Ghana Recycled Bolgabaskets Glish
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