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Already finished reading Everyday by David Levithan. Just started on this one, a novella about the main character, A. Very short, only 26 pages. Sixearlierdays Davidlevithan Booklover Ilovetoread
Taking so loooong. I so wanna get engulfed already. Booklover Suckerforlovestories Ilovetoread Theselection kieracass
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Starting on this book (ebook) today. Booklover Ilovetoread Readingisanescapefromreality
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In the past month, I've finished reading 4 books and this is one of them. :) Booklover Suckerforlovestories Ilovetoread Fallen laurenkate
Bookworm me... I'm a sucker for love stories! Not too many though. Bookworm Lovestories Ilovetoread Booklover mybooks