Afrovibe Adventure Lodge

Good Morning! Meetsouthafrica today will be spent mainly on the beach @gotosouthafrica @hostelling
I see dolphins Southafrica Africa Backpacking
Going Surfing! @afrovibelodge Beachday Southafrica Backpacking Hostelling
We said Meetsouthafrica day 2 wasn't over! It might be over soon after Beerpong
We have a new Beerpong Meetsouthafrica Champion @reisewerk
Iam the batman! Batman Africa Movies
Thanks @afrovibelodge for helping Meetsouthafrica mix with the locals and showing us your secret spots
Thirsty! Beer Beachlife Southafrica Africa backpacking
@adventurouskate actually meets followers of her blog Meetsouthafrica ! They want her to bungi jump! What do you think?
Meetsouthafrica is now Art Graffiti Streetart is has become a legend!