Repping my new Vile Company tee that came in the mail today. A fitting shirt for the end of the world, I say! ;) Fashion Fixie Life  I'm Kinda Tispy
Bike Winter Bicycle Snow Freezing Fixed Gear Fixie Mercier Aerospoke Dropbars Kilo Tt
Thawing out after biking home. It's 6°F outside right now... Ink Tattoo Skeleton Thaw
Have a safe and wonderful holiday! Bike Bicycle Christmas Christmas Tree Christmas Lights Fixed Gear Fixie Mercier Aerospoke Dropbars Kilo Tt Festivus
Made some chocolate peppermint brittle for a Christmas Party tonight. Ho Ho Ho. Chocolate Candy Christmas Foodporn Treat Peppermint Brittle Party
What do I do at 345am? Work on a new cycling strap for the spring/summer season. Instead of lugging my giant messenger around I can just take this. Less weight. Less back sweat. Now that I have the positioning where it doesn't jostle, I can add a cell pho Cycling Biking Ink Tattoo Shark Commuters Mad Max Shark Tattoo MacGyver Messenger
16oz of my own homemade italian-spiced ranch dressing. Just whipped up a fresh batch. This stuff is exploding with flavor. Ranch Homemade Italian Foodporn Dressing
mewithoutYou - 'Brother Sister', 'Ten Stories', 'Catch For Us the Foxes', & '[A --> B] Life' Music Mewithoutyou Vinyl Records Audiophile MwY
One of the greatest albums ever made. Vinyl Record Btbam Between The Buried And Me
The Chariot released a Christmas sweater. You know I was all over that. Probably the best thing ever. Ink Tattoo Christmas Fixed Gear Fixie Aerospoke Christmas Sweater Fiks Fiks Reflective The Chariot
Port wine cheese & summer sausage on chicken-in-a-biscuit mmmmm Food Cheese Foodporn Sausage Cracker
"Ohhhhh Lord knows I'm tired but I can't rest my head until I'm home..." Vinyl Speakers Record Player Audiophile Nja Etid Every Time I Die