Kashi honey almond flax cereal with raisins, cashews and unsweetened coconut almond milk Food Danielfast Breakfast
Spice things up a little: add cinnamon to your breakfast cereal! Danielfast
Coconut curried tofu over quinoa Danielfast Food New Years Kwanzaa
Teriyaki Peanut Tofu with stirfry vegetables, brown rice and baby peas Danielfast
Liquid Lunch The temperature's got to be right for me to make a smoothie. 40-day Danielfast ends tomorrow so I'm celebrating with a mango puree, frozen kale, mixed berry banana and coconut milk smoothie. Just right.
Fruit salad: canned pineapple fresh mango Granny Smith apple red skin pear chia seeds pumpkin seeds raisins cashews - may pour over dinner coconut milk with nutmeg and cinnamon Danielfast
Yellow lentils made in a crock pot with vegetable broth and dehydrated vegetable stock seasoning over quinoa. Danielfast
Acorn squash with apples raisins cashews, grated nutmeg & drizzled with chili pepper olive oil Danielfast
Red pepper, broccoli, yellow squash over wheat yakisoba stir fry noodles without sweet onion sauce Danielfast day 23
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