ShopwiseCDO best deal! And the people of CDO think so too! Gone in a matter of seconds! (Lol exaggerating a bit) but it was gone when my family got there ;) good Opening , Shopwise ! (Pic was taken last night while I was deliberating on buying this or not xD) will post a full article in in a few days :)
Congrats to sir @donnietantoco for opening Shopwise here in CDO ! Last night's pic with sir DVT , ms. @mags_ph and staff, ms. @mindanaoan . ShopwiseCDO Business Opening Philippines CDOSocial cdoevents
My Makeup for the shopwise Vip night. Haha, d ako VIP, tgasulat lng ng mga pangalan nila. Haha. ShopwiseCDO
Congrats ShopwiseCDO ! Opening tomorrow at 9am! Come by on the 16th and 17th to get a free Wise Card (save php200!) Thanks everyone, esp ms. @mindanaoan ??
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