Grumpy Rudepeople at the work out place! They changed our Tv on us!
Truth one day when I've realized I've had enough. Truth Hurt Takenadvantage Rudepeople nomoretakecharge standupforyourself!
Why you got to be so RUDE? Idontcareimjustinspired Fucked Up Rudepeople Takemeback Ihateyou Iwishthingsweredifferent Shadows & Lights
Nobody's got the humor Sad & Lonely Being Bullied Bullyingsucks Fucked Up Shadows & Lights The Art Of Darkness Rudepeople Theycallmeaslut
Done with everyone's bullshit I've accepted it for to long so to all of you who have treated me like shit thank you for helping me realize I don't need you in my life nor do you deserve to be! Assholes Rudepeople Donewithyou😣😡