Crawfish Mudbug
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Another mudbug shot b/c he's so cool. No worries, he was relocated to the water. iphone 5, Snapseed edit Eye Em Nature Lover Nature_collection Mudbug
Fierce mudbug, he thought he could block my path. iphone 5, Snapseed edit. Nature_collection Eye Em Nature Lover EyeEm Best Shots Mudbug
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Red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) Astacidae Closeup Crawfish Dead Animal Focus On Foreground Holding Human Skin Lake Leisure Activity Lifestyles Lobster Louisiana Mudbug Person Pest Procambarus Clarkii Red Red Swamp Crayfish River Shell SHELLFISH  Swamp Vacations Water Wild
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Boiled crawfish and lemons and carrots and other vegestables are piled on a table with tray for eating in background - shallow focus Crawdad Crawfish Boil  Crustacean Cuisine Eating Louisiana Rustic Seafood Spicy Tray Boil Cajun Claw Closeup Crawfish Crayfish Crayfish Party Creole Freshwater Mudbug Potatoes Sausage Seasoning Southern Steamed