A jetlagged TeamBrunei in the final leg of their journey home! Woot Woot! They're arriving at Brunei International Airport at 11.15am! Do come and show support! Wcopabrunei Officialwcopa wcopa
By @eia25 "So, this year TeamBrunei at Wcopa , Hollywood managed to win a total of: 1 'World Championship' title 1 NYFA Scholarship 3 Grand Final spots 10 'Champion of the World - Division Winner' 2 'Industry Awards' 11 Gold 11 Silver 11 Bronze. I think we did pretty well ;) ?⭐️?⭐️? Wcopabrunei Wcopa2014 medals BruneiYakin brunika" via @PhotoRepost_app
These guys are coming home soon with their 14 medals from the recent @officialwcopa event in Los Angeles. They should be touching down Brunei by 11am today. Let's go and give them a good welcoming reception. Well done, TeamBrunei !! Wcopabrunei Officialwcopa Wcopa Brunei Bruneianatheart