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Other than the 1 piece of calamansi at the far right corner, half hidden away; everything else is exactly b& b&w it shall be then...╭(′▽‵)╭ ~ usually we don't go for these kind of desserts at food court as we felt cheated by the amount of shaved ice which overwhelmed the main ingredients. However, after sneaking a peak at my neighboring tables, we decided to go for it. No regrets~Value for money and super refreshing! Especially after the loving kiss from the little calamansi. Just a simple 'chin chow' (grass jelly/divine grass/xian cao), coco de nata & frog eggs...[my moniker for those tiny black dots which swell into slimy dots]. If anyone out there knows the actual term for my 'frog eggs', do share with me. Cheers! Asianfood Almaproject Bws_artist_asia Bnw_life Bnwalma Bnw_worldwide Bws_worldwide Bnw_captures Bws_world Bnw_wonderful Bwstyles_gf Bw_singapura Bw_lover Cuisine_captures Dessert Icapturefood Gf_icf_cultural Gang_family InstaYummy Gf_singapore Gf_daily Walkwaywhy Webstagram Nomnomnom Mybest_shot yummyjavaorg
"Spicy Noodle" - literally, it is as the name said. Really spicy, non-oily, superbly flavorful n fragrant that gets ur attention a few tables away, affordable, has 'wok-hei' {( also known as 'wok chi[qi] in western cookbook). As defined by wiki - is the flavor, tastes & essence imparted by a hot wok on food during stir frying. (Wok thermal radiation). Particularly important for Chinese dishes requiring high heat for fragrance....}. Aroii Cuisine_captures Dailylicious Foodphotography Foodstamping Foodstagram Foodspotting Foodgram Foodsharing Foodartstylesgf Foodpics Foodporn Foodpornasia Glutto Pic_of_food Singapore InstaYummy Instafood Igfood Ilove_bfp Ilovesharingfood Igsgfoodies Icapturefood Jj_food Nomnomnom sgfood sharefood worldfoodsth yum yummy
" Passionfruit " spotted this at NTUC...(supermarket). $4.30 for a box of 10. Fascinated with the color n feel of it....kind of velvety on the outside. Not as sour as the usual ones which know...It is nice. Fruits Ic_fruits Ic_fruit Instafruits Dessert InstaYummy Nomnomnom Yummy Yum Webstagram Instagram Walkwaywhy Igsg Sgig Sgfood Sharefood Sharefruits Yellow Sour Pb_px Dailythemes Dailylicious Icapturefood Cuisine_captures ilove_bfp foodartstylesgf food_magazine foodstagram
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Royce Chocolate Chocolateshavings Aroidessert Artphoto_bw Aroii Bws_artist_asia Bnwalma Bnw_captures Bnw_wonderful Bwstylesgf Bw_singapura Cuisine_captures InstaDessert Icapturefood Igfotogram_4bw Ilove_bfp Ilovesharingfood Igfood Ig_captures_bw Ketsourinemacarons Monoart Foodphotography Foodartstylesgf Foodsharing wow_bnw webstagram dailylicious yummy nomnomnom
Banana & caramel Lovers this is for U ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭. Quite straightforward, it is named "Banana Caramel Brioche" or maybe "Caramel Banana Brioche"... Either way, it isn't cloyingly sweet & very well-balanced in flavors. Yum! Yum! Body shaking, feet a-tapping, hands baby-clapping! Cuisine_captures Dailylicious Foodphotography Foodstamping Foodsharing Foodartstylesgf Foodpics Foodstagram Foodporn Foodpornasia Foodspotting Foodgram Glutto InstaYummy Instafood Igfood Ilovesharingfood Igsgfoodies Icapturefood Ilove_bfp Jj_food Ketsourinemacarons Nomnomnom Pic_of_food Sharefood sgfood worldfoodsth walkwaywhy yummy breadsociety
Enjoying Deconti Caffe & Gelato's (@tampines1 ) cappucino with skim milk & freddo coffee (sans milk) was a new experience. I prefer the former as it was light on the palate n doesn't leave an aftertaste. Although the first few sip takes me into the realm of wet wood n raw, bitter earthy flavors... Freddo coffee (sans milk), on the other hand has been sweetened beautifully n presented in a bigger version of shot glass like an icy slush....At first glance, i thought that they got my order mixed up with ice cappucino. Freddo coffee was heavier on the palate n leave a strong aftertaste...However, both are a perfect companion to their ice gelato.... T1foodie Coffee Drink Dessert Foodshare Foodgasm Foodforfoodies Foodtography_pg Foodartstyles_gf Foodstagram Foodstyle Foodporn Foodspiration Foodpornasia Foodspotting Foodgram InstaYummy Nomnomnom Yummyjavaorg Icapturefood Cuisine_captures
"Mango Snow Ice with coco de nata"Super awesome & pretty sunstantial too. Their Chendol Snow Ice is another Must-Try. Coming from a non-chendol lover means it is really good! No pic cos mouth faster than hand... Aroii Cuisine_captures Dailylicious Foodphotography Foodstamping Foodsharing Foodartstylesgf Food_magazine Foodpics Foodstagram Foodporn Foodpornasia Foodspotting Foodgram Glutto InstaYummy Igfood Ilovesharingfood Igsgfoodies Icapturefood Ilove_bfp Instafood Jj_food Ketsourinemacarons Nomnomnom sharefood worldfoodsth yummy gastropost instadessert
Awesome! Happy customers with their new CBTL machines! What are you waiting for? Grab yours now and enjoy their 30% off special. Last day of the sale today! Lovefoodhatewaste Icapturefood Igbru Brunika Brunei Raya CBTL CBTLMachine coffeebean coffeebeanbrunei
My 3rd visit within a month to @decontisg at @tampines1 enjoying their refreshing, hazelnutty, mild chocolaty, slurp-happy, decaffeinated 'Gianduja Iced Mousse'. T1foodie . Simply Delightful... Allshots_ Cuisine_captures Canvasme Dailylicious Dailythemes Foodphotography Food Foodartstylesgf Foodstagram Foodpornasia Foodgram Foodspotting Foodsharing Gang_family Gf_singapore Icapturefood InstaYummy Instafood Ilovesharingfood Igfood Ilove_bfp Jj_food Jj  Ketsourinemacarons nomnomnom phototag_it webstagram worldfoodsth