By @bibdbrunei "Alhamdulillah. BIBD has been placed in the Top 1,000 World Banks rankings by The Banker for the second year running, representing Brunei as the only Brunei-based Bank to be included in The Banker’s annual list of Global 1,000 Banks. BIBD is now ranked at 676th amongst the world’s largest banks(up from 698th last year) and moving up to 51st among 1,000 banks in terms of Soundness in their Capital Assets Ratio, a major improvement from 74th position last year. Bibd Bibdawards Top1000bank " via @PhotoRepost_app
By @bibdbrunei "Alhamdulillah. Kepada semua pelanggan kami, setinggi-tinggi TERIMA KASIH kerana SEKALI LAGI menjadikan kami "The Best Retail Bank in Brunei" oleh The Asian Banker. Bibd Bibdawards Bruneianatheart Brunei theasianbanker bestretailbank" via @PhotoRepost_app