Miss running my way up to Caliraya! Laguna Caliraya Run Letsgo plumpinay effyourbeautystandards honoryourcurves potd nature fitspiration zeropollution
Day 21: My afternoon walk It has been quite a while since I went out for a decent walk uphill to Caliraya . Swerte ko! I get to live in a place where there's less pollution and get to eat all organic fruits and veggies. Lifeisgood Simplethings Lucky 100happydays
Day 35: Nature This needs no filter! Lumban Laguna Caliraya 100happydays
Sunset Kitesurfing Caliraya
Day 38: This view My life's pretty repetitive and I sometimes get tired of my everyday routine BUT this view, I will never get tired of. I occasionally stop to gaze at this beauty. My camera doesn't do it any justice btw. 100happydays Uphill Caliraya View itsmorefuninthephilippines
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