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Alter Bridge on stage. Poor Myles was struggling a bit to get the crowd going but his voice... Oh my... So effortlessly powerful! \m/ Sweden Rock Festival Concert Music Rock'n'Roll
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"You think you're cool... Well, I'm not so sure. Come on baby, leave your ego at the door. Cuz you don't need it anymore." The Darkness Justin Hawkins Gibson Les Paul Concert Eye4black&white  Blackandwhite Black And White Rock'n'Roll Sweden Rock Festival For The Love Of Music
Sweden Rock Festival has ended and I'm back at the summerhouse about to get ready for bed. But before I do I want to wish you all a great weekend. The picture is taken during Billy Idol's concert a couple of hours ago. 58 years old but with the body and hair of a 30-year old. I've attended one of his concerts before but I wasn't as impressed then as I was tonight. He seemed to have a lot of fun - joking around, humbly cocky and doing all he could to get the crowd to explode into screams. Awesome, Mr. Idol! I can't express enough how much this festival and all it's people move me. Everyone is so kind and thoughtful. I know the original Woodstock was all about peace and love and flowers and stuff. Maybe this isn't Woodstock but believe you me when I say that Love is just as much here as it was there back then. It's not everyday you by the hand washing station get soap poured in your hand, a hug and a kiss on the cheek and a loving "have a pleasant evening" by a woman you've never seen before and probably never will again. So yes, I have to agree with the kinda lame "Sweden Rock - You Rock!" that most artists cheesily roars out from stage. This is a weird post, I know. Just wanna say hi and that I'll be "back" here soon checking out your new pics! See ya! \m/ Sweden Rock Festival Rock'n'Roll Hanging Out That's Me
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