Tamayo's Residence

You take pictures of the food you eat; I take pictures of the food my dog eats. Ground meat, liver, dog food, rich and that secret formula for a high protein dog diet. Buti pa si Rave borta ako hindi. ?
"Stop staring and get me breakfast" Rocky Dog Lhasaapso Dailypuppy
My home made buffalo wings misses you, @johnodin, @djcammyv & @woodygeronimo. Food Foodie Foodporn Pigout lazysaturday nofilter
"Do you think its time for me to shave?" Selfportrait Selfie Solo Vain instagram teamiphone picoftheday asian
"Corporate Thursday, and yes was finally able to let go of my stubble. Opting for a clean look instead." Instagram Igmanila Igersmanila Self selfie asianboy asia manila philippines potd photooftheday tagsforlikes likesforlikes
"Look on every exit as being an entrance to somewhere else." Art Photooftheday Picoftheday Pointstoponder positivity instagram thedoor wordoftheday
At last, part of my parental responsibility is over! Done with Raver's immunization and vaccine! ?
Ran out of rum coke so chardonnay it is! Happy weekend! Woot!
"I'm ready for my tumblr photo." Beagle Beagles  Dog Puppy instabeagle instapuppy dailypuppy pet beaglelovers dogstagram photooftheday dogoftheday
"@hi_im_pat_s @kylierawrrs @ananayasco Look at my wallpaper! Cool Cat! :3 Haha." IPhone Iphonewallpaper Retro Vintage tumblr teamiphone kitty cat
I usually let him get all dirty during Sundays. Now tired from a long game of fetch, its bath time! Beagle Beagles  Instapet Instabeagles dog puppy dailypuppy beaglemania animal beaglemania beaglelovers likesforlikes tagsforlikes
"Look my lola gave me her vintage YSL single fold wallet. Been asking for this since I was in high school."
"Oh the sight of daddy preparing my dinner. Priceless!" Beagle Beagles  Instadog Instapuppy dog dailypuppy pet potd beaglelovers puppy
"This is how I convince my mom to get me the present I want for my birthday. Lol. I love you Mom, @DesBTamayo"
Now a proud dad to kiddo number 3! Say hi to everyone Rocky!
"Sad I don't get to appreciate my tattoo. I don't get to see it." Art Tattoo Bodyart Asian  asianboy egyptian ankh manila philippines photooftheday igersmanila instamood
Guess who's having a lazy Saturday? Beagle Beagles  Beaglemania Beaglelovers instabeagle dog puppy instapet dailypuppy petsofinstagram saturday lazy likesforlikes
Raver's attempt to do a seductive wink. What can I say? My kid knows "the moves." Beagle Beagles  Dog Puppy pet instadog instapuppy dogstagram dogsofinstagram dailypuppy beaglelovers instabeagle
"Look at what I saw in the mail today. Sweet!!! ??" MacBookPro Apple TeamApple Appleaddict newtoy newbaby tech reward
"Sundate's always fun with my son! Pet Puppy Puppies Animal dogoftheday doglover dogs beagle instabeagle dailypuppy beagleslover beaglesdaily instapuppy
"Happy Mother's Day to my mom, @desbtamayo and to all the mother's out there. Giving this day to all the mothers for a job well done."
Staying in on a Friday night just surfing and sippin'. Goodboy SteadyFriday Instagram
Check out my toilet! Dailypuppy Dogs Instagram Raver
Woke up to a ball of fur staring right at me, good morning Rocky! Rocky Lhasaapso Dog Dailypuppy Dogstagram Kiddo
Raver's version of "selfie." Beagle Beagles  Dog Dogstagram dailypuppy instapuppy instabeagle pet puppy beaglelovers animal selfie
"Now who can resist those hazel eyes?" Dog Beagle Puppy DogLove raver mybaby love
"Look at my son at 10 months, so BIIIIG!!!" Pet Puppy Puppies Animal dogoftheday doglover dogs beagle instabeagle dailypuppy beagleslover beaglesdaily
My Saturdate. :)
"Raver why are you so handsome???" Dog beagle Dailypuppy Love Pet raver instagram instapet photooftheday
"Peek-a-boo, I see you!" Raver Dog Beagle Baby instapuppy love
"The reason why I opted to stay in on a Friday night. Tell me who wouldn't want to go home to this?" Beagle Beagles  Instabeagle Dog puppy pet dogstagram instapuppy dailypuppy bestfriend love instapet potd photooftheday
"So can I model for Armani Eyewear or what?" Lol Raver Beagle Kiddo Dailypuppy Dog Instagram iPhoneography
"Save me from boredom" Asian  Asianboy Selfie Photooftheday igersmanila instagram instamood tagsforlikes
Meanwhile, earlier this morning. LOL Self Selfie Morning Portrait tagsforlikes likesforlikes instamood igers igersasia asian asianboy manila philippines vanity
"Aba, tanghali na nga ako nagising nauna pa ako bumangon. Nakakahiya naman!" Beagle Beagles  Dog Puppies dailypuppy instabeagle beaglelovers beaglemania pet instapet tagsforlikes likesforlikes manila philippines