Newport Beach

Missing Cali Newportbeach
Sunset @ the Beach
I still can't get over the fact that I walk by this BeachHouse on Oceanfront every day. I need this in my life. There's even an outside shower on the far left. And a pool on the left balcony. Ugh. Nofilter Realestate California
Beach Panorama
My Happy Place  Surfing my piece of heavan
Every morning...
Love is for the birds & the birds fly South. (I know that's West, STFU lol)
I don't know if the Nofilter HASHTAG is appropriate but whatever. Sunset Super retrosuperfuture beach sunglasses Handmade
Enjoying Life TheEYEEmfacebookcoverchallenge Vanishing Point Eyemnaturelover Sea Pier Ocean Beach Life
The cure for everything is salt water. Tears, sweat, or the ocean. Sunnycalifornia Beach Noclouds Waves ocean pacific
Wondering why it's not warm beaches errday... I should make Beachbum into a profession. Beach California Sand sun Tan getaway
Came across this California Sealion  (or Seal ?) while walking on the Beach . It seemed as if it layed down to pass away. I don't know how I feel about this. Usually wild animals flee when you're within arm's reach.
Red Dragonfruit diet = extra pink Tongue . TropicalFruit
Same shit, different day. Beach Armcandy Sunlight
Made a big-ass Crab friend @ the Beach today. Seafood