Why is this happening ?! It makes me so sad for my country Terrible Attempt Omg Pleasestop France 🇫🇷 Courage aux familles des victimes 💙⚪️❤️ 🇫🇷 Mon cœur est tellement lourd ce soir. Prières et bougies illuminés pour Nice et prières pour le paix. dans ce monde brisé.
No more cloudy eyes. Still likes to musk me now -_-** But all that i do is get some warm water and get rid of the stink while I hold her. Then I gever her a break by letting her slither through some dry towels and get the water off before I handle her again. (I am 90% sure this one is a girl, bit Motley is the name that fits, so it stays). She has let out less musk stuff this time than last time. Maybe she's realizing I'm the one that always held her in the store? Could be she musks because of the cat smell .-. Who knows!! Anyways. I shall handle her a good amount so she gets used to me and the cat smell lol. Kingsnake Motley @7seastropicalfishsanpedro Musk Pleasestop Iloveyou Iamnotapredator Andifeedyou Sostopthemusk
Come on cat, I have to work Cat Working Day Badcat Pleasestop
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Seriously! I'm not ashamed of my body and I run my butt off to keep it that way. Sorry, call me old fashioned, but I don't like to take the easy way out when it comes to losing weight. Badmarkering Itworks Pleasestop
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