I would like to give lots big thanks to : @myra_maher coz giving this idea , @amaliyananazihah @sarahahaipod @prokidz007 and merak who join this small event , @azhar_shari who rode his bike from machap to batu pahat within 1 hour , @azfarzaihan who had a little escape from work , @haziranadiah and @iazqh who came from jb just for this small thing. Special thanks to : @myra_maher 's parents coz being soo supporting and the big sponsors for the bbq stuffs and place @dannynfa cause sponsoring the ice cream and found her nowhere 'Till we meet again. Thanks for the night also. If it wasn't because of u guys, i won't know what are x-men. Had myself lots of fun today ! ??????? Captionpanjanglagi ?