Tussen de rotsblokken langs de dijck👆🎣🚿💦 Bewerkt Met Vscocam💛
Through @pshambi's lens. Of shoes and dry leaves with a can of Guarana.??? Huawei P6 & iPhone 4 with Vscocam💛 Shoes Shoegram ShoePorn shoe leaves dryleaves vscoedit VSCOonly vscophile vsco_Kenya vscovisuals vscogallery vscocamgram iPhoneography iphonephotography mobilephotography
I used to visit tata cesar when I was little. And play on the fields. I'm gonna miss this summer. VSCO Vscocam Vscocam💛
Vscocam💛 Springtime💛
Vscocam💛 Bedtime💛 Sleepy💛 Longday💛 goodnight?