made myself ham sandwich for breakfast today TheBreadeats Toasted Sandwich Eating Home Sweet Home
Mom's home cooked lunch - Egg omelet with onions, spring onions and salted radish. Eating TheBreadeats Singapore Food Home Sweet Home
Tempura battered fish with spaghetti in tomato sauce. TheBreadeats Singapore Food AmoyStreetFoodCenter Sphagetti
Hainanese fried chicken rice for lunch with colleagues. TheBreadeats Hainanese Chicken Rice Singapore Food Yummy♡
Coconut-shrimp paste sugarcane skewer. Vietnam Food TheBreadeats Eating Singapore
Tiger prawns. The other in sweet tomato sauce version. Mom's Cooking TheBreadeats Eating Singapore Food
Yam Ring TheBreadeats Commonwealth Singaporefood TheBreadeatseverywhere
Claypot rice Singaporefood TheBreadeatseverywhere TheBreadeats Claypotrice
Kang Kong 马来风光 TheBreadeatseverywhere Singaporefood TheBreadeats Commonwealth
My cousin brought us a tray of peach from the US. TheBreadeats Peach
Cross section of the ombre cake Ombre Cake TheBreadeats Eating Singapore
Banh mi with grilled chicken, egg omelet and chicken floss. Vietnam Food TheBreadeats Eating Singapore
Smoked salmon crambly. Alldaybreakfast Cafehoppingsg TheBreadeats Singapore
Mom's home cooked lunch - fish ball and beancurd soup Home Sweet Home Singapore Food TheBreadeats Eating
Dry Hor Fun TheBreadeats Singaporefood Commonwealth TheBreadeatseverywhere
Lye water rice dumpling made by mom. Rice Dumpling TheBreadeats Homecooked Food Is Always Better Eating