Homemade vegan enchiladas with sweet potato, beans and lots of veggies. Possibly don't look the best... but definitely taste good! Homemade avocado dip, too πŸ‘Œ Enchiladas Vegan Homemade Operationweightgain Thisiswhathappenswhenimbored Veganenchiladas Veganfoodshare Nomeat Fitfood
DAY 6 OF LENT | LUNCH | WhiteWineAndCreamMushroomPastaWitgTruffleOil Homecooking Lent Nomeat NoBread NoRice HealthyLiving LyingToMyself IsThisHealthy
Hello World Sign Signs Nomeat Vegan Eye4photography  Check This Out Taking Photos From My Point Of View EyeEm Gallery
ShareTheMeal Sharing  Food And Drink Food Meal Lunch Bagel Good Eating With Love Nomeat No Meat Vegan
Colorful Food Day Food Food And Drink Foodporn Freshness Healthy Eating Indoors  Inside Window No People Nomeat Vegan Food Vegetable Vegetables Photo White Window Window Window Sill
Aquele Almoço ;) Nomeat Foodporn Lunch Work Java
Lunch at work. Spelt bread with watercress and some soya butter Nomeat Simple Vegangirl Veganfoodshare lunch easy yummy dairyfree
Tuna Tunafish Tunasandwich Tuna Sandwich  Tunaburg Burger Time Burger Burgers Tunaburger Fishburger Fishburg Firstnomeatmeal Nomeat Eatnomeat AllVegeNoMeat Healthylife Healthy Eating Healthy Healthy Food Health Foodporn Food Food Porn Foodphotography Food Porn Awards
Fishburger Fishburg Hamburger Bolodocaco Food Foodporn Food Porn Foodphotography Food Porn Awards Food Photography Foods Foodie Foodgasm Food And Drink Healthy Food Foodpics Nomeat Eatnomeat Firstnomeatmeal
Burgers Burger Burger Time Nomeat Eatnomeat AllVegeNoMeat Firstnomeatmeal Fishburg Fishburger Foodpics Food And Drink Foodgasm Foodie Foods Food Photography Food Porn Awards Foodphotography Food Porn Foodporn Food Healthy Food Healthy Health Healthy Eating Healthylife
Falafel, lentils, quinoa, veg and the piece de resistance, red and green jalapeΓ±os 😍 so satisfying πŸ‘ Lunch Vegan Healthyliving Veganfoodshare Veganfood Crueltyfree Nomeat
Boi's breakfast ~ Garlic buttered Prawns by yours truly @bigdaddyt0n @aubr3y29 Tara kain tau @kristinecaballeroaplal Holyweekspecial Nomeat GoodFriday  Shrimpday
Vegan pasta with nutritional yeates / fake cheese Veganfoodshare Nomeat Nodairy Nocruelty instafood instavegan instapasta vegangirl pasta yeates yummy noanimalsharm carbs fuel
Breakfast since I can't eat meat today πŸ˜‹ Catholic Lent Nomeat Coffee oatmeal maple water breakfast oc caligirl healthy yummy usa california netflix AliceInWonderlad simplybeingalice chillin springbreak collegelife
Lunch! Lentils, quinoa, edamame and butter bean salad with jalapeΓ±os - so delicious! Approx 20grams of protein I'd say, too πŸ‘ Lunch Veganfood Veganfoodshare Veganprotein Fitfood Nomeat Lentils Veg Quinoa Jalapeno Simplefood
DAY 3 OF LENT | LUNCH | PiperPotatoAndLeakSoup CoventGardenSoupCompany Lent Nomeat NoRice NoBread HealthyLiving LyingToMyself
DAY 9 OF LENT | LUNCH | Latergram BlueCheeseBeetrootSaladWirhSmokedMackrel Lent Nomeat NoBread NoRice HealthyLiving LivingALie
DAY 2 OF LENT | DINNER | CauliflowerAndSalmonStirFry Homecooking Lent Nomeat NoRice NoBread HealthyLiving LyingToMyself
Navratri blessings to you and yours on this auspicious occasion!!! Fasting Nofish Nomeat 9days Navratri oilroti aloochoka friedbora chunks soychoplets curried day1down 8moretogo lash
Nomeat Nopain Nosmoke et nerde amk
Homemade Chili  Nomeat Homechef Vegetarian vegan yum yummy art artist WhataVegetarianEats NoFilter food foodporn dinner picoftheday win winter comfortfood life
I love the freshness of the violet cabbage. Healthy foodie. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ Nomeat Sauteedveggies Violetcabbage&shiitakemushroom Healthyliving Veggielover Freshness EyeEmNewHere The Week On EyeEm
DAY 1 OF LENT | LUNCH | BeetrootSoup CoventGardenSoupCompany Lent Nomeat NoRice NoBread HealthyLiving LyingToMyself
DAY 7 OF LENT | DINNER | MixedSeafoodFriedNoodle WongKei Lent Nomeat NoBread NoRice HealthyLiving IsThisHealthy LyingToMyself
Kaiserlicher Schmarrn Food Kaiserschmarrn Sugar Trashday Donoteatcleaneveryday Fitness Sugerrush Dessert Healthy Power Relax Cheatday Enjoy 5minutefood Sunday Eatclean Nomeat Vegetarian πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
DAY 14 OF LENT | LUNCH | PrawnsAndPapayaSalad Homecooking Lent Nomeat NoBread NoRice HealthyLiving LivingALie
Lunch Lunchtime Lunch Time! Lunch Break Dinner Salad Healthy Eating Healthy Food Lifestyles Food Foodphotography Kitchen Salad Bowl Vegetables Vegetarian Food Nomeat Kitchen Utensils
DAY 5 OF LENT | LUNCH | VegSpringRolls Homecooking @patricia_ruby Lent Nomeat NoBread NoRice HealthyLiving LyingToMyself
Diet & Fitness FirstTime Salad Sadness Nomeat For Meatlover Try To Life** Trying Something New
Cake Sweet Pie Vegan Food Nomeat
Nomeat Vegan
Bom Apetite ;) Nomeat Foodporn Happymeal
day 10 Nomeat Lent craving for something greasy, crispy battered fries Strawberry Banana yogurt smoothie
Beans Vegetarian Food Nomeat Food And Drink Food Selfmade Freshness Healthy Eating Bud Spencer
DAY 21 OF LENT | FLAT WHITE | Flatwhite Caravan Lent Nomeat NoBread NoRice HealthyLiving LivingALie Igers London ExmouthMarket
Spinach and rice 🌾 first of all 😊 🌍 Vegan Vegan Food Organic Food Spinach Socialflotribute Aimiamos Nomeat Foodphotography Transmedia Storytelling
LAST FRIDAY OF LENT | SALMON SINIGANG | SalmonSinigang Homecooking Lent Nomeat NoBread NoRice HealthyLiving LivingALie
day 8, Nomeat Lent Brusselsprouts with spiced Chickpeas
Mushroom Cheese Vegetable Vegetarian Food Nomeat High Angle View Close-up Food And Drink Sack Vegan Greek Food Low Carb Diet Mozzarella Parmesan Cheese
Vegetarian Vegetarian Food Nomeat Vegan