I feel i am useless. Sometimes, i hate myself. I am bad, i want to make money with my hands but i couldn't do it and i have wasted my parents money. Sorry, my parents, i will try to do the better things for you in the future. Trust me!!! No People Fighting Trying Mind  Peaceful Day Lifestyles Iloveyou Hope Future Sorry Bad Bettertogether Betterthings
The way I must go to my future. No People Day Outdoors Road Peaceful Future Mind  Leaf Morning Samsunga7 Betterthings Nature Comfortable Peace Street
Aintthatthetruth Ontothenext Betterthings Notwaiting .
Kush rolled, Glass full. I prefer the Betterthings . Jäger jagermeister pourup drank
Between Split Lanes. Betterdays Betterthings Betterme Motorcycle solitude
Focus on the Betterthings in life.
Sometimes being alone can lead you to better things . Betterthings Alone Original Photo