How to; gain followers

?first of all you need to be an active account. you shouldn't post like every 2 weeks, maybe 3-4 times a week. you shouldn't spam your followers either, they could get annoyed and unfollow. - ?interact with your followers anf be nice! mobody wants to follow an account with a mean admin! try and answet your followers dm's and questions, they will probably be more activr if you fo this! - ?do sfs, screenied, megas. you don't want to do a lot of these though because your followers will get annoyed and unfollow. try not to do scams either! too many scams can be annoing. - ?when you're doing sfs, try and do this with accounts that have around the same amount of gollowers as you. a little less than you or a little more than you. don't try and do sfs with a 126k account if you have 9k because they won't answer you and it's just a waste time. How To; Gain Followers  How Gain Followers