Senyum leret. Senyum hari2 akhir duduk rumah. After this will be away, will be so so far from home (Dungun jauh ok. Igt xgi dh dungun after f5 but hmm haha). Physically and mentally. For only one month but I'm missing home already. Biasa xggaduh pun nk packing but this time packing siap2 sebab nk menikmati sisa2 udara rumah dengan lebih tenang. Haha. Pupilsssss wait for me. Please be nice at least ya hahaha ? anxious nervous curious all got ah. Wishing me all the best and I hope everything's gonna go well aamiiiin. Psst ce kira hahaha or haha ada berapa. So x ikhlas laughing. Firstpracticum Willbeaway Brb Allthebesttome insyaallah