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PokéJournal Entry No. 606: Ivysaur are known for being the most aggressive in the Bulbasaur evolutionary line. In battle it is not uncommon for Ivysaur to ready three attacks simultaneously in order to ensure its victory. Posableplanet Posableplanetpresents Ata_dreadnoughts Anarchyalliance Toyboners Toyoutsiders Toydiscovery Epictoyart RS_Toyshotz Toyslagram Toypops2 Toyplanet Toypizza Pokémon Pocketmonsters Pikachu Anime Manga Toycrewbuddies Toycommunity Toyphotography Zifu_toys Toysphotogram nerdshit nogods_justmonsters justanothertoygroup
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PokéJournal Entry No. ???: Here we see an Ivysaur apparently guarding another's flower after it bloomed and evolved into a Venusaur . The flower is known for having such a relaxing aroma it is sometimes used in calming rampaging Primeape. Tga_callingcard
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