Models ang peg?! Ganyan? :) Teamtransformationday Teamawayday
Saaaaay cheeesseee!!! Teamtransformationday Burstouthappinness
All white. Feels like were in a hospital. :)) Teamawayday Teamtransformationday
The girls and the lamp shade :) Teamtransformationday Happymonday  Stressfreemonday @anjhe08 @gyn228 @pepenita
The girls. Approof. :) Blackteam Secondrunnerup Teamtransformationday
Esep esep. Teamtransformationday
Sweat of success! :)) Teamtransformationday Blackteam
Elaborating the essence of core values through the use of various leaves. Hahaha. Teamtransformationday
Hey guys from both sides, can't you see that we finished the race now? :)) Welovethesweat Faceofsuccess Teamtransformationday Blackteam