"But I've been tired from the minute I woke, I stopped listening the moment you spoke and said I'm long gone. Yeah, I'm long gone " Gaeta Rivieradiulisse Music IPhoneography Adventure View Coast Serapo Weekendgateaway Walks Gone Italy Italia
Hopefully dis tour later is worth the sleepless nite atm 😣😣😣😵😵 for d 1st tyme can't sleep.. *radio is on weather so hot 😨 hw did they sleep wif radio on.. Takbiasa Tired Dunno later can finish all d 4 stgs or not.. Weekendgateaway Guatempurungperak
"When I was a young boy I was living for the moment, the world was wide open I had every choice but with so many choices I just didn’t know what to do. Now all I say is just forget it If you tell me I’ll regret it just let it be what it is cause it’s so easy to say" Gaeta Serapo Spiaggia Beach IPhoneography Weekendgateaway Mood Music Onelife Jamesmorrison Relax Timeout Daydreaming
Post caving Grand Tour..from 0930 until 1330.. Gua tempurung yet the best adventure for me this year.. Really great experience. One time is not enough. And yes today we succeeded climb the 630 stairs.. Crawling under the stalagmites or stalactites whatever it is.. Just watch over ur head while crawing and splashes from the tour guide. I love to come here again. My new fave things to do. Guatempurungperak Weekendgateaway Caving Adventure
Matheran Weekendgateaway Near Pune Night Illuminated No People Tree Lanterns In The Dark
Rise and shine for the love of Lomi ng Sta.Maria :) Sweetsundaymorning Weekendgateaway
Ziiiiiigzzzzaaaaggg. Sweetescape Reunion  Weekendgateaway
Flashback january 2015.. Weekendgateaway Selfie