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TBT  before the hamburglar was a creepy old dude. Dcp Disneycollegeprogram Dcp2009 arrival day. So many good memories. Friends from all over the world. Experience of a lifetime. Must do for all college students. Had it made. Work a few days a week and play in the parks on the others.
Dcp Disney Chatham 14208 tbt
chucks Dcp Dashiki
95% and rolling... Pltujatim1 Pacitan Dcp Powerplant @rizkiafta
@kalliopii_Disney College Program Formal."you're going back to dcp? Take me with you!" Dcp Disney Disneycollegeprogram Timehop
TBT  Disney Dcp Disneycollegeprogram VistaWay VistaLay LionKing the bus system was terrible. 45 minutes from dtd to Chatham. All because bus transfer at Vista way.
2009 Disney College Program. Daily routine after work. Drink up me hearties yo ho!!TBT  Dcp Disney
Lionking DisneyWorld Disney Dcp DisneyCollegeProgram vistaway