So im gonna say something about myself just for my IG followers that dont know me personaly! So im realy into broadway and one day I was searching online and found a Summer camp for kids ages 8-17 that are interested in broadway! I was super excited! This camp is legendary 26 years of broadway awesomeness! Alumni include Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man), Natalie Portman(Black Swan), Jon Cryer(Two And A Half Men), and Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect) just to name a few! Anyways its located in NY and it would be my dream to go there! But theres a problem...... it costs 5000 buckaroos!!! >:o I dont have an extra five grand laying around so I guess I'll have to wait..... but hopefully with hard work and dedication i'll get there! This was just something for my IG followers and maybe other broadway lovers to get tovknow me better by, so I hope you enjoyed "Something About Me"! Stagedoormanor Robertdowneyjr Natalieportman Joncryer skylarastin broadway summercamp camp broadwayproblems dreams mentors dream actor hope alumni