Late post. HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY G2 little!! One shot wonder!! Even though you're such a little brat sometimes (just kidding), I love you like a little brother!! Hope you had a memorable 21st haha. Latepost Oneshotwonder 21 Sexyfatass sexyfatassroyalty itwasjustkamikazee tomcelebratedtoo tomtookitfortheteam
CONGRATS LITTLE!!!!!!! I'm super proud of you!! You did it!!!! I can't believe you graduated. Aaaahh I got teary eyed just seeing you in your cap and gown. You're a really big part of my college life. Seeing you grow into a confident person and where you are now since we first met makes me really proud. I don't think college will be the same without you. You're truly one of the bestest friends I've made and not only that but my little brother. I know I'm your big, but I look up to you and learned from you as well. I've seen you in your ups and downs during college and overcoming many challenges. I know you'll be successful wherever life takes you cause you're an amazing, strong person. "Tough times don't last, but tough people do." Congratulations little. I love you <3 ClassOf2014 Bigandlittle Sexyfatass Whodatwhodat youdidit proudbig chkoout cray chnning mylittleishandsome @peteah
Felt like I haven't seen my line in so long.. I miss them!! Sexyfatties Sexyfatass LoveThem