600 grit wet sanded and took the windows out today. Sprayed more primer and will need more sanding...good times. Vannin Econoline RatRod Boogievan primer van ford
Some yummy new glass blue dot Taillights going into the Econoline Pickup ? Vannin vanning boogeyvan
Shift linkage bushings replaced and it now shifts like slop or play. Econoline Boogievan Vannin Shiftlinkage
Before repaint Vannin
Vannin Rolling Rollinheavy Enjoying Life Taking Photos
Not too shabby for 2 coats and no wet sanding. Econoline Ford Vannin 1966 boogietruck
Repaint! Vannin
ParisSoAmazeMe last night repaint Vannin Boogievan
Almost all surface rust has been sand blasted off and temporarily covered with etching primer. Next is the all over sanding to primer, fill some little dents and scratches, and black epoxy primer it. ? Vannin Econoline Boogievan
Oh the work involved...but it sure is fun ? Econoline Boogievan Vannin
Gauge cluster bezel stripped bare. Econoline Gaugecluster Vannin Econolinepickup
The team lol Econoline Boogievan Vannin VW gti lowrider
Ass tray and bezel done! Econoline Pickup Ford Vannin boogievan
end of photo grid