Playing with the line drawing mode in Camera360 Igersmcr Wwim10_igersmcr Manchester
A red @danepollard at Mosi Igersmcr Mcr_mosi_meet
The Chestergate Stockport Makeover Igersmcr
Igers vs train Igersmcr Mosi Mcr_mosi_meet
And .. action! Instameet Igersmcr Deadgoodwhitworth
Rusting fence Igersmcr Wwim10_igersmcr Manchester
Which is bigger? Igersmcr Wwim10_igersmcr Manchester Deadbigbeethamtower
Looking up from CostaCoffee  Arndale Igersmcr
The Agecroft No. 1 about to leave Mosi Igersmcr Mcr_mosi_meet
Working the Mellow Yellow Camera360 Igersmcr
Finished work for the day Stockport Igersmcr Sunset
@_its_tricky_13 taking his shot. Igersmcr Deadgoodwhitworth Instameet
Directing the Igersmcr 'Last Insta Supper' photo Instameet Deadgoodwhitworth
It's that Deadbigbeethamtower again! Igersmcr Wwim10_igersmcr Manchester
@myeshawanders enters The Great Hall. Deadgoodwhitworth Instameet Igersmcr
Only if you want a wet bum at Mosi Igersmcr HELTERSKELTER Mcr_mosi_meet
Waste paper disposal Igersmcr Castlefield
Fly in butter...cup. Stockport Nature Igersmcr
Artist now in resident on yesterday's 'modern art' piece Stockport Igersmcr
The message has been lost .. Igersmcr Castlefield
Under the wheel Mcruk Igersmcr Manchester
A hint of yellow on the 192. Bus Stagecoach Camera360 Igersmcr
It's much easier when they sit still! Bee Stockport Igersmcr
There may be trouble ahead .. Weather Stockport Igersmcr
New reflecting old. City Life Photography UrbanART Streerphotography Home Is Where The Art Is Oo Building And Sky Architecturephotography Thisismanchester Urbanphotography Mcruk Igersmcr Manchester University Thisismcr Artistic Photography Huawei Shots Huaweiphotography Huaweisnapys Architecture Details Architectural Detail
Took a while waiting for no-one to get in the way :-) Igersmcr Deadgoodwhitworth Instameet
A reflection of the Instameet Igersmcr Deadgoodwhitworth
Blue above, grey below. St. Peter's Church in Levenshulme . Igersmcr Wearemcr
The 'Last Insta Supper' from a different angle. Instameet Igersmcr Deadgoodwhitworth
Hoping this weekend is better than it currently looks! Failsworth Igersmcr
A part of the Instameet at Mosi Igersmcr Mcr_mosi_meet
Not sure what flavour of mint sauce would go with these :) Igersmcr Wwim10_igersmcr Manchester
Half-rainbow over BartonSquare Igersmcr Manchester Mcruk
What's the collective noun for a bunch of Instagrammers? Igersmcr Wwim10_igersmcr Manchester
Only blue with @cantonaisking at Deadgoodwhitworth earlier today. Igersmcr Instameet
Accidental rope fish? Igersmcr Castlefield
A lovely yellow Igersmcr Wwim10_igersmcr Manchester
Looking up .. Igersmcr Deadgoodwhitworth Instameet
Needs a little work before placing on the market :) Igersmcr Wwim10_igersmcr Manchester
Busker Santa Mcruk Igersmcr
Found some lunch! Igersmcr Heatonchapel Nature
In mid-flight by Stockport station. Blackandwhite Nature Igersmcr
Nice drop of London IPA at a bar I've never been to. Realale Northernquarter Igersmcr
Waiting for me on my front door last night Igersmcr Stockport Ladybird Nature
'Beast XXI' (1959) by Lynn Chadwick. Art Igersmcr Deadgoodwhitworth Museum instameet
Sun setting over Charles Street Sunset Igersmcr
You can just make out the Deadbigbeethamtower Igersmcr Wwim10_igersmcr Manchester
Maybe this is a spoiler for Batmanvsuperman Dawn of Justice...... Streetart Manchester Mcruk Igersmcr
It's nearly that time of year Igersmcr Wwim10_igersmcr Manchester
Igersmcr en route to The Great Hall Igersmcr Deadgoodwhitworth