Our BlauSchlitten must be feeling a tad Exposed and Vulnerable at the Workshop waiting line :-)
A wonderful nite for warm fellowship with friends over a hotpot, transported by BlauSchlitten
BlauSchlitten emerging from his Shower and Blowdry : all Shiny again!
BlauSchlitten encircled by Hanami
Now that the Lights are fixed and watertight, it's time to bring BlauSchlitten for a much needed Wash ! @fuzzycatty is visibly Delighted  !
Were I more Cantonese , this would've been a more auspicious number, during Chinesenewyear . But being quarterthai,christian and a geek, I'm just grateful BlauSchlitten has brought us safely thus far, and all 7 segments of the rightmost 4 digits of the odo are working B-)
BlauSchlitten gets a spanking old Rearview Mirror , courtesy of an '04 Passat ! A very helpful organ donation exercise!
Spanking new Taillight for BlauSchlitten as well!
BlauSchlitten gets a spanking new Eyepatch
Marking Millestones for BlauSchlitten , missed the first one, let's see how consistent I can be this time.
BlauSchlitten goes for his first Carwash (with us inside...)
Just learnt today that BlauSchlitten needs TLC in the form of Premium Unleaded 98 to offset our neglect of him over the past fortnight, 850 kms later (and just crossing the 160000 milestone, actually it's more accurately a 99999 mile stone)
Missed BlauSchlitten 's 17th Dimillenium on the way to gym...
Hooray, BlauSchlitten 's Windows and Lighter are working again after replacing this humble but Crucial 60cent fuse ;)
4 years of Ee and I can do little more than change bulbs and Blownfuses ... sigh, well at least BlauSchlitten 's windows are working again :-)
end of photo grid