first Painting in over 12 years. Binary Stars with Gravitational Waves by: andrěa chrysanthè 🌸 💜 👭
My first Observation of an Inverse Gravitational Ripple , when an object falls (flies) out of the water instead of falling in... fascinating...
Sirsasana pulls the Stagnantblood in the lower limbs back to the heart for Purification .Sirsasana improves the flow of the blood to head region with many related benefits. It tones the Pituitarygland which is the Mastergland that influences the functioning of the rest of the Endocrine glands. It can improve the functioning of Reproductiveglands .It can relieve Headaches .The extra flow of the blood in the head is good for the Eyes and other organs.It can take off the Gravitational pressure from the organs of the abdomen. It can help to relieve piles and hydrocele.During the inverted stand, many internal visceral muscles which do not usually get stretched get exercised.It can help with management of Asthma .It increases general Vitality of the body.Spiritual practitioners use Sirsasana for Sublimating their Sexualenergy into higher spiritual energy called Ojas This ojas enhances the Aura , gives health and vitality, makes the personality brighter and helps in higher spiritual practices
On the day of the Discovery of Gravitational Waves , some Perfectly Plated and Rendered Nofilter Crispy Perturbations of Conebay Barramundi , Curried Cauliflower , Date and Lime Chutney .