God is love!

Love of God comes in many forms.. Today, I noticed this mango tree across the street while staring out of our window .. Beautiful Blessed Day Heart Shaped  Mango Tree Color Splash God Is Love! Feeling Thankful From My Point Of View Heart
Happy New Year 2016 Light In The Dark Hopes And Dreams God Is Love!
GOD'S NOT DEAD! A Great Movie to inspire you and build your Faith up!! God Is Love! Faith <3 Encourage Movie!
"Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven,Whose sin is covered" -Psalms 32:1 God Is Love! God Is Great God Bless God
For you MY FATHER.. God Is Love! Words Of Wisdom... Light In The Darkness Listen To The Teachings Of Your Soul Jesus Is My Savior Feeling Thankful My Quotes
God Bless God God Is Great God Is Love!
計劃永遠趕不上變化,但變化未必不好。一切都是上帝所命定的美好旨意。ps,買票送好大一瓶茶,it's great!Thanks! God Is Love!
雖然我(目前)不像許多基督徒一樣已經上過很多課,去過多少佈道會、服事多久、認識哪些弟兄姊妹、聖經經文隨時能唸的出來。但是,我知道上帝一直與我同在,我一直在經歷祂給的試煉與恩典,並且祂有祂美好的時間與旨意,我只管放手將生命與一切交託給祂,有祂掌管我真幸福!就算迷失,祂仍找得到我,就算犯錯,祂也會帶我回轉歸向祂,走在祂可愛的真理上=) God Is Really Great God Is Love! Follow Jesus 我愛真理
God Is Love!
God Is Love!