Dark visions

"Don't look, just keep your eyes peeled! Thoughtless, trapped in my minefield. Shotgun never behind the wheel anymore. Danger, monsters of smoke and mirror. Can someone so lost be found? And I know you will never believe. I play as though I'm alright. If life is but a dream, then wake me up!" (QOTSA) The Devil's In The Detail Interieur Design ShowMeYourDarkSide Dark Visions
Old Hallways Dark Visions Light And Shadow The Storyteller - 2014 Eyeem Awards Break The Mold
Light And Shadow Architecture Journey Into The Dark Dark Visions Seeing The Sights
"The eastern sky hints of dawning. Alone and awake but exhausted I lie. Oh how I hate the morning. I hate the morning. I'm haunted." (Type O Negative) Light And Shadow Dark Visions Digital Eye Masters EyeEm Best Edits
"On my way to the cage, my animal blood is pure. On my way to the cage, no regrets and no last words." (Henry Rollins) Capa Filter Bw_collection Streetphoto_bw Dark Visions
This is a collab between my friend @lyam , who made the amazing shot, and me, who had the pleasure and honor to edit it and turn it into one of my Dark Visions. ;) Thank you dear Lyam! Collabs_Unlimited EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Best Edits
This photo is dedicated to all those who fell down the stairs spectactularly, without breaking their legs. Just like me this morning... :D Monochrome Dark Visions EyeEm Best Shots ShowMeYourDarkSide
"I'm your disappearing one. Vanish when the curtain's drawn. But I will come again and you will let me in. And you'll see I never disappear for long." (Chris Cornell) Eyes Dark Visions EyeEm Best Edits NEM Painterly
"I'm gonna break my rusty cage and run." (Soundgarden) Bw_collection Light And Shadow The Devil's In The Detail Dark Visions
"Baby, you're goin' down in the dark. Show my lonely night is fallin'. I don't have very long. I think my blood might boil. Then my veins might burn. And you're gonna make it better for a little while...." Light And Shadow Notes From The Underground Silhouette Dark Visions
"The world is watched straight from your tv sets. Makes you ill. Turn of and drop out in spurts. Lysergik funeral procession..." (Phil Anselmo) Light And Shadow The Devil's In The Detail Fantastic Exhibition Dark Visions
Bw_collection Light And Shadow Beauty Of Decay Dark Visions
"All of the flowers. All of the flowers I gave her. She burned them. Burned them..." (Type O Negative) Flowerporn ShowMeYourDarkSide Your Art Is Portable With Caseable Dark Visions